§ƆHIƵضHƟNÏΛ is a project of interventions in various peripheral public spaces, in nomadic format, dedicated to explorations in sound. The events take place in the form of live performance and audition – organized with irregular rhythm and frequency by SIMULTAN.ORG.

Sound events are not only perceived by the ears, they also stimulate other sensory organs. Acoustic vibrations are perceived consciously, but they can cause psychological reactions in the subconscious. Listening to and understanding music or sound is a complex aesthetic process. Interpreting what we hear is a speculative cultural activity; we evaluate the sound according to the origin, the rhythm, the tonality, the harmony or the dissonance, the pauses created. At another level is the psychic and emotional experience, a sensory perception of the body.

The term ‘schizophonia’ (in Greek schizo = to separate) is first used by the composer and theorist R. Murray Schafer and refers to the disintegration of sound from its original source and its reproduction or transmission by electro-acoustic means.

By its origin, any sound was original, later becoming specific to the mechanism that produces it. Moreover, it has been shown that, psychologically, it would be impossible for nature to reproduce the same phoneme twice in an exact manner, they may be similar, but never identical.

The call is addressed to artists who explore the potential of sound art through experimental practices.

We are waiting for projects with an experimental and innovative character through the methods of generating or manipulating sound. Proposals can be sound performances or auditions.

The artist can propose both the period of the action / project, and the place where he/she wants the public event to take place in Timișoara (outdoor / indoor).

Registrations are made between July and November 2022, by filling in the online form.


SCHIZOPHONIA interventions are part of the events related to the cultural program Simultan Festival 2022

Funded by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Project Center

A project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN)

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