Schizophonia #7 Obiect —sound performance

Schizophonia #7
OBIECT — sound performance by Anghel Mailat, video Lavinia Veres

18 OCT – 19.00 / Casa Artelor, Timisoara

Unabridged by chance. Object
The modular synthesizer is the neighborhood I walk through to hear the noise. The windows I pass open, I decipher songs. Time here goes back and forth. It is a compositional walk with various events and known or unknown characters.

§ƆHIƵضHƟNÏΛ – a series of random events dedicated to the endless exploration of sound, by simultan.org.

Schizophonia is a term coined by R. Murray Schafer to describe the splitting of an original sound and its electroacoustic reproduction.
This concept comes from the invention of electroacoustic equipment for the transmission of sound, which meant that any sound could be recorded and sent anywhere around the world.
Initially, that was not possible, as every sound was original and could only be heard once. Schizophonia is the separation of this native sound and the recording of it.

The event is part of the Emergency Entrance project, an on-going project of events dedicated to the artistic experiment, through relational, technological, research-based practices.
Framework design:  Simultan Association and Lapsus Artspace

Cultural program co-financed by AFCN

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