SCHIZOPHONIA #5 / Coquetta

COQUETTA – sound performance by Ioana Vreme Moser
13 Dec. 2018 19:00 @ The House of Arts – Studio Room

Coquetta thrives on a sardonic ritual of cosmetic beautification through the dissonant sounds coming from inside the pink-charged objects.
The much-desired appearance reveals a poisonous substrate. Lead and arsenic being the preferred chemical compounds over time in makeup.
Cosmetics are to be used individually, step by step, as a daily, rhythmic beauty routine.
Combing, moisturizing, bending the eyelashes, applying eye makeup, powder, lipstick, and other sound maneuvers obtained, are chiseled by the signals of the electronic heels. The noises of the beauticians are then mixed inside the travel wig boxes and other electronic instruments covered in velvet, embedded in the garbage.

The beauty machine consists of several hand-built and welded instruments composed of found objects. These objects vary from wig boxes, makeup substances and applicators, to stiletto shoes and other dandy elements that have been converted into useful electronic sound sources that generate a sound rhythm.
The makeup assembly contains, among others: inductive brushes, vibrating eyeshadows, electric kabuki, transducer brushes, eyelash curler with switch, pressure-sensitive sponges, and powder puffs. During application to the body, makeup tools record sounds, alternate, change resistance and capture electromagnetic radiation affecting oscillators, filters, and amplifiers that are embedded in makeup boxes.
The objects (gizmos) are built mostly from analog circuits and communicate with each other through voltaic control. The obtained signals are modulated and controlled stereophonically with a pair of red, modified, piezoelectric stiletto shoes, which are sensitive to pressure (the left foot controls the left/corresponding right channel).

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Ioana Vreme Moser is a transmedia narrator and sound artist active in research, electronic poetics, and playful notations. Uses organic material, ordinary objects, garbage, mechanisms, and electronic components to highlight everyday events that are part of the spectrum of intimacy. Currently, Ioana Vreme Moser works with electro-mechanical instruments, sound sculptures, kinetic installations, audio-visual performance, graphic scores, whispered readings, data compendiums, and video works.


events dedicated to experimental and abstract sound projects, in the form of live performance and audition — organized with irregular rhythm and frequency.


Image: 1933, Max Factor takes measures of a woman’s features with a beauty micrometer. General Photographic Agency / Getty Images