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Tigrics (HU)
Róbert Bereznyei (born Tata, Hungary, 1975) is a prolific and highly consistent electronic musician hailing from Budapest, Hungary. 
Highly regarded as one of the best eastern european producers of experimental music, his music has taken him all over europe, playing at festivals and clubs alongside the likes of Keith Fullerton Whitman, Leafcutter John, Ceephax Acid Crew, Frog Pocket, Shitmat and many more. He has released a number of past albums on smaller european labels.

Tigrics live at Simultan 2008 [video]

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yvat /boltfish, U-cover (RO)
After 10 years of electronic music, and more than 25 released albums yvat might be considered one of the most vivid and productive exponents of the IDM scene, in Eastern Europe. His music is mature and highly developed, yet retains a fresh and experimental edge; the sound is always strong and clear, with an analogue profoundness, and composition has an aggressive touch in the framework of a melodic geometry reminding of Boards of Canada and early works from Autechre. Music is built on a combination of complex glitchy beat programming, darkly atmospheric textures and subtle melodic elements.
In the past years, yvat's music has been produced by well known experimental labels from U.K., as Boltfish Recordings or Cactus Island.
Currently live performances promote the latest two albums, Extant and Astroid, both released by the Belgian label U-Cover. The atmospheric soundscapes, fractured melodic lines and glitchy beats bring IDM structures to a next level. The audience is transported into a space journey, then crushed into aggressive beats and noises.

yvat - Deflection

yvat live at Simultan DVD Launch [video]

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Daniel Dorobantu & Felix Petrescu (RO)
"As far as we remember"

If compared to their biological age, D & F know each other for a very long time. More than half their lifetime. Since the proverbial times of the "Circle of Calculators", first local official assembly for geeks in Timisoara.
Their bond become even stronger once F tried to double the size of D's hard disk using some occult software of the time. It was a failure and so D was forced to initiate himself into the ways of the system reinstallation.
More data was exchanged in high school years. Not an especially productive time but the taste for experimental (self) education was growing. Amiga, C64, Borland Pascal & autoexec.bat comes to the mind … Still, the period ended with their first attempts regarding creative output. F was tracking on Amiga and D was … doing something in illustration.
University time arrived and the spirit of continuity prevailed. Inspiration and vision were increasing. Also, their common but individual weird aura did too.
F went public and joined TmBase as a founding father. He got himself a gang and started raving as Urban Experience. Visuals stroked him too and a bit later went even more astray, sounding cinematic as Makunouchi Bento.
D went towards the within. Emotionally and philosophically. He practiced ambient facing his room wall for some years (he was not aware of Bodhidharma yet). Studio work only, albums releases as Thy Veils and sparse public gigs as others guest. Then he went photographic and become a video man soon enough.
There is no archeological proof but D & F went into improvisation at the same time. D did so after a trip to New Zealand (and, once back, he quit his job, joined one more group, started releasing even more, made installations and went mainly live). F's transition is undocumented.
The last years can be characterized as most active in all aspects. Both increased their artistic research in various experimental fields and their skills were upgraded as never before. The new, uprising wave of mobile music scene focused their interests upon same topics and same touch screens. Still, one most important thing was never satisfied: they never performed together. But this not a problem anymore since this year's Simultan Festival will host their first live collaboration. The two will deliver a real-time improvisational storytelling performance along the not-very-accurate remembering of a "sonic memory system" that D developed for his collaborative Ars Electronica installation. A continuous, postdigital audio-visual flow containing all their tricks will flood the Sinagogue of Timisoara, this October.


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Alpha Bite (RO)
Music is not precisely defined spatial and melodic sounds categorized as the perfect mix to make the `experimental pure fantasy to dream about. 
For those who want to listen at home or in the headphones at a club and this genre of sound that can be included in their playlist the kind of music that relies on all `imaginary and beyond.


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Otolab (IT)
Otolab was founded in 2001 in Milan by an affinity group of musicians, djs, vjs, videoartists, videomakers, web designers, graphic designers and architects joined to go through a common path in the field of the electronic music and audiovisual research.
The projects are developed through lab sessions, seminars and live performance according to the principles of brainstorming and mutual support, free circulation of knowledge and experimentation.
The production includes collective and individual projects managed with languages ranging from experimental electronics to techno, dub and industrial sonorities, always looking for a symbiotic relationship with image and video.
Otolab is a cultural association committed to create live media and installations and to carry out audio and audiovisual projects, seminars and workshops. In these years, Otolab members have been welcomed to festivals, cultural events, museums, national and international galleries and have contributed to the realization of self-managed cultural initiatives.


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Pleq (PL)
Pleq is the solo project of Bartosz Dziadosz,an experimental musician who combines elements of drone, down tempo, glitch and modern classical. He creates his work by fusing together independently synthesized sounds, often incorporates violin, the unexpectedly melancholic sound of a piano, sometimes female vocals.
Somewhere, something falls, something enters, rings... there's a hissing and pop, like a short circuit on high voltage lines. Carried by strong focus, Pleq's style is remarkably consistent, and may be described as: Glitch & Melancholy."

pleq on discogs / videos / facebook

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Somnoroase Pasarele* (RO)
Somnoroase Pasarele a aparut in 2007, si reprezinta cautarile in zona muzicala a doi artisti plastici Gili Mocanu si Elena Albu. Au existat experiente anterioare, inregistrari pe banda magnetica inca din 1992 din partea lui GM, (colaborari cu Mugur Grosu), radacinile fiind izvorate din muzica contemporana (Iancu Dumitrescu, David Prescott). Tendinta generala a fost de a explora tipul de sonoritate si de teme a muzicii contemporane aduse intr-o forma comestibila pentru un public tanar. Desi ne ferim de termenul experimental, rezultatul este in zona acestuia. Daca la inceput ne-am “jucat” preparand instrumente clasice, mixand sunete naturale, analogice, inregistrari de tot felul, dupa 1997 lucrul a fost concentrat exclusiv pe relatia cu computerul, studiul compozitiei, a tonului si a non-tonului, structurii atipice, chiar si ocolirea neconventionalului pentu a obtine determinantele. Ceea ce a fost importanta in fiecare compozitie a foat cautarea unui sens, constructia sa fie rotunda si sa se autocontinue. Constienti de faptul ca timpurile experimentelor s-au dus, am vrut sa mergem mai departe, de aceea am inventat expresia “conventional experimental”.
In 2010, am cunoscut la San Francisco un artist plastic cu o mare inclinatie catre muzica si viziunile neconventionale ale acesteia, incat ne-am decis sa facem un pas si mai departe. Robert Walker a crescut odata cu muzica clasica contempoana, infuente din muzica americana clasica cat si din cea alternativa, experimentala, sonoritati new age ( Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno). Astfel ca incantatia, recitarea si improviziatia vocala mixata cu chitara rece sau electrica, percutie, i-a devenit maniera. El intervine cu un val de ritm si armonie in formula abstract-industriala a lui Gili Mocanu. Explorarea impreuna a unor texte de Jim Jones si Walt Withman (Victims of Truth , Histerycal Center) transformate in piese muzicale, au influentat aparitia acestei colaborari.


*concertul Somnoroase Pasarele este un eveniment Sambata Sonora in cadrul festivalului

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Thomas Tilly/Tô (FR)
Artist-composer and self-taught musician, Thomas Tilly uses the microphone as his main instrument of work. In 2001 he creates Tô, a solo project of concrete music focusing on environmental sounds and foundobjects manipulations. In this view, the composition and publication on disc of such sound material have to be considered as a sonic synthesis of a place during a certain periode of time. (N.B. this method requires to stay, observe and study the architectural aspects of the place in order to
formulate a personal view and interpretation of it).
The knowledge of Thomas Tilly is also used for sound-installations allowing to develop and enlarge the logic of specific datas collected in a place – via various
systems of triggering/diffusion in situ.
Thomas Tilly’s works have been published on many labels, among which the «Centre de création national


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dieb13 (AT)
Dieter Kovačič born in 1973, school and various studies in vienna. since the late 80ies he has worked continuously in rendering cassette players, vinyls, cd's and harddisks into instruments.
Solo appearances as dieb13, dieb13, dieb14, bot, echelon, dieter bohlen...
Permanent collaborations include: eh, NotTheSameColor, siewert/dieb13, erik.M/dieb13, dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto, swedish azz, phil minton/dieb13, john butcher group founder of the klingt.orgestra.
Performances at various international festivals and locations including: phonotaktik wien, sonicacts amsterdam, beyond innocence osaka, lmc festival london, electrograph athens, maerzmusik berlin, kammermusiktage witten, musiktage donaueschingen, wien modern, musee de art moderne strasbourg, worldinformation.org beograd, turningsounds warszawa, piksel bergen, donaufestival krems, batofar paris, university of colorado springs.
Distributed by 1.8sec, absurd, amoebic, antifrost, charhizma, doc, durian, en/of, erstwhile, filmarchiv austria, for4ears, grob, hathut, mego, orf, pilot.fm, rhiz, sixpack, staalplaat,transacoustic research, unframed recordings.
Music for theater-, opera- and videoproductions and installations.
Runs the internet platform klingt.org
Dieter Kovačič is a conscientious copyright-objector and lives in vienna fuenfhaus


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Nava Spatiala (RO)
: deep-level noisenautics from outer spaces : beatless intercourse : alien sound fucks : hyper crazy next-level shit : unintentional sound hacks : highly experimental 

http://soundcloud.com/miron-ghiu [related]


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