Emergency Entrance

A project by SIMULTAN and LAPSUS

Emergency Entrance is an ongoing series of public events in an artistic laboratory dedicated to exhibiting experiments through relational, technological and research based practices.

The theory of emergent evolution states that the appearance of new properties in a given environment is produced in certain moments due to unpredictable rearrangements of already existing entities. We consider that, as opposed to mono-disciplinary visions, the use of multiple practices is a force which can generate the stimuli and spontaneous reactions of emergence in a context in state of emergency.

The purpose of this project is to create common ground for young artists and the public, each session being approached as a research exercise followed by practical collaborations resulting in installations or performances.

The specific format, authors and content of the events will not be announced beforehand, instead we propose that the series is viewed as a chain reaction, with each episode meant to be experienced in-situ by the public.


Project co-funded by The Administration of National Cultural Fund – AFCN