Megaføn Funsystem

Madames et Monsieurs, please accept our warm invitations to the Megaføn Funsystem Warmup Party!

Friday, March 29, 17-21 h, Piața Traian (eveniment FB)

It’s getting warm outside and this car has been waiting to bring some joy, smile and fun to our spring days for too long.

On friday we will present a world premiere of the Megaføn Funsystem consisting of 12 custom made upcycled speakers designed and fabricated in Timisoara.
In the end though, these are just speakers and the car is just the car. What makes it so fun is us gathering together.

Therefore, please join us at Piata Traian on Friday aftrenoon (and possibly other guerilla locations too – TBA). We will hear some nice tunes from local artists and producer (TBA), who will perform right out of the trunk! 
Everything is battery powered, so no worries for those who don’t enjoy the smell of diesel with their drink.

This project was developed by Michal “Mižu” Mitro in collaboration with SIMULTAN.org and PlanZerø. Developed during a residency in Timișoara supported by Centrul de Projecte Timisoara trough Power Station++ | Mobility program for cultural professionals