Fluid memory


MONO space (Augustin Pacha 3, Timișoara)
Feb. 17—19 2023, 2pm-8pm

Transistors become tinier, computers become supercomputers…

Fluid Memory sets up a mirror that reflects back to a digital technology that doesn’t require many resources to operate, only simple fluid matter guided by natural phenomena.

Inside the glass circuitry operations of 1’s and 0’s become visible, almost tangible to the public. Saltwater turns into a programmable material. In the core, 3 Flip-Flop elements influence each other in a cascade forming a Fluidic Shift Register. Following Coanda’s physical phenomena, through their sinuous geometry, these elements can perform computational processes with fluids. They are fluidic logic gates, analogous siblings to their transistorized semiconductors. Once triggered, these boolean logic arrangements perform one process at a time: they remember water flow conditions, exhibiting proprieties that amount to memory. As the water-data streams accumulate in the glass-copper coil configured as a transducer, subtle sounds emerge, indicating in their rhythms the activity of the memory.​

Fluid Memory reflects upon the inconspicuous anatomy of modern computers and our incandescent love for them. It displays an anachronistic machine that operates with natural irregularities, commuting electronic hardware to a humanesque geometry. The morphology of this machine is drawn after an obscure branch of digital technology: Fluidics, which was established in the ’50s and dropped later in favour of its electronic counterpart. The project re-assembles shapes from the past to imagine an alternative technology for the future. Fluidic logic poses a metaphor for a utopian computational system that presents itself as transparent, functioning at a natural speed, non-invasive with our environment.

Ioana Vreme Moser is a Romanian sound artist engaged with hardware electronics, speculative research, and tactile experimentation.
In her practice, she uses rough electronic processes to obtain different materialities of sound. She places electronic components and control voltages in different situations of interaction with her body, organic materials, lost and found items, and environmental stimuli. From these collisions, synthesized sounds emerge to carry personal narrations and observations on the history of electronics, their production chains, wastelands, and entanglements in the natural world.

She has been closely engaged with the Electroacoustic Music Studio Krakow (PL), kinema ikon multimedia Atelier Arad (RO), and Simultan, Media Art Association, Timisoara (RO). Currently, she lives and works in the T10 artist community in Berlin.

Amongst others, she has performed and exhibited at the National Gallery of Denmark (DK), Fonderie Darling (CA), Akademie der Künste Berlin (DE); Manifesta 14 (XK); SFX – Sound Effects Seoul (KR), Ars Electronica (AT), Bunkier Sztuki Gallery Krakow (PL); Simultan Festival (RO); Eigen+Art Lab – Transmediale, Berlin (DE).

The event is organized by SIMULTAN.org within the Progress. Paradigm Shifts project, part of the Timișoara 2023 Cultural Program, in partnership with Timiș County Culture Department and supported by Tangible Music Lab Linz.

Project financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Center.

The Fluid Memory exhibition initiates a series of exhibitions in the new MONO exhibition space managed by DJCT, located on Str. Augustin Pacha No. 3 and will be open to the public from February 17-19, 2023, between 2-8 p.m.

Full program of the opening weekend – TIMIȘOARA 2023