dis-cover re-cover

24 Oct. 2018 @ Cafe D’arc, Timișoara
Part of the Presentation „ARound the city” app

“D-C-R-C” is a project based on the exploratory view of Timisoara’s architectural heritage, through the means of audio-visual composition. The images capture the urban landscape, structural elements, and their transformation over time.
The sound dynamically illustrates the effervescence of the city’s immaterial audio landscape. The soundscape is in some places interrupted by the intercom bell, opening a channel of interaction/communication with the inhabitants of the heritage buildings.

Project designed by Asociatia Simultan
Alex Boca, Levente Kozma – video, recordings
George Drîmbău – sound, live mixing

Project commissioned by the French Institute Timisoara and German Cultural Center Timisoara.
The event was a part of the BETA program – the Timisoara architecture biennial.