18 SEPT. / 21:00

Photo: Pierre Gondard

Beyond the surface of our reality, blurry and fractured, there is a background of co-existence, a woven fabric of connections, a movement like a helix of multiple strands with modes of communication that are implicit and intelligible to all the living bodies of the world.

The term KRASIS originates from ancient Greek: the action of mixing or blending two or more things. The world is a mixture of organic and mineral matter, consciousnesses, machines and rubble. KRASIS aims to point to the existence of a common ground for conversation – a contemporary state of mind that intersects multiple viewpoints without erasing individualities. On the contrary – in doing so, it is revealing them.

Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplinary artist. She enjoys exploring voice, sound, video and writing. She studied classical singing and composition with Sergio Ortega in Paris. She is a soprano and she interprets contemporary music.

Today her music is oscillating between electroacoustic, drone, and noise. She focuses on the physicality of sound and on timbre, with an emphasis on musical structure.

Her live setup is made of electronic instruments. She performs in France and abroad.

She plays alongside Marc Siffert, Alexis Forestier, Hugo Arcier, Alexandra Radulescu, and the choreographers Mylène Benoît and Marcela S. Corvalan.

In 2010, she founded “AnA compagnie”, a production company dedicated to cross-disciplinary projects.

Her first albums “Matrice” (2012), “Vaisseaux” (2014) and “Geyser” (2019) were published under the label DAC Records.

Alexandra Radulescu is a media & interaction designer based in Paris (FR).

She designs and prototypes digital narrative worlds and immersive experiences, at the intersection between media art, technology and interaction design, striving to create experiences that are focused, clear and uncluttered, but also playful, evocative and expressing identity. Alexandra appeals to the imagination of the audience, to their emotions and their creativity, addressing their attention, but also the pleasure of moving their bodies.