Soleil Fixe

 16 SEPT. / 21:00

Photo : Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Eryck Abecassis is a composer, electric guitar player and synthesist. He composes and plays music for a wide range of orchestral to chamber music, electronic, theater, street theater and cinema.

He moved to Paris in 1976 to study Cinema, and also worked as a photographer. In 1979 he decided to concentrate on music. He started doing workshops on instrumental research at the IRCAM (Institute for music/acoustic research and coordination) in Paris. (where he also did a Computer Music Course)

Very active in the field of film scoring, he wrote many of them for feature films – Hava Aney Dey and Sunrise, Partho Sen Gupta, The Stranger and In loco Parentis, Neasa Ni Chanain, documentary, tv program and fictions, advertising (BMW, Murano…) 

Eryck has been commissioned to compose music for Radio-France, Gmem, Ina-Grm, Grame, French Government. His music has been played in International music festivals like Présences, Les musiques-Marseille, Musiques en scène-Lyon, Amplitude-festival Denmark,Computer art festival – Padova. His last solo album ILUMEN (cd) has been classified in many international charts including Boomkat, Denshinote (2015 Best album 100 – Japan) and received in 2021 a“coup de coeur ” of the Charles Cros Academy.

Soleil Fixe is one of the pieces of Ring Zone, cycle of compositions for synthesizer solo, with and without the addition of the electric guitar. In this cycle, Eryck is trying to achieve an electronic lyricism by mixing noises and notes, disorder and melody. Very brutal noisy sounds can cohabit with overlaying sequences. “Even if the piece is written, I try to preserve liberty during the play. I never forget that the pleasures often come from errors and “inattendu“.