Who’s Afraid Of Colors?!

  17 SEPT. / 21:00

Photo: Jakob Schauer

A cathode ray tube TV, an electric bass guitar, pick-up microphones, synchronators, a self-built and programmed computer and a zoo of little electronic devices are feeding each other and celebrate a feast of beautiful noise and morphing sound scapes and colorful abstract image shapes.

Since the late 1990s, Billy Roisz has dealt intensively with video and sound. Her work focuses on  the links and gaps between visual and auditory perception. Roisz questions the interaction between sound and image, the interchangeability or unity of the electromagnetic signal in the generating machines which creates image or sound.

The realisation of her experiments takes place in live performances, single screen works and audio-visual installations, solo or in collaboration with musicians of experimental music and noise as well as composed new and old music, dance and theater.

Her videoworks are distributed by sixpackfilm & lightcone. Her music was released a.o. on editions MEGO, Mikroton and for/wind. She was co-organizer/programmer of the annual REHEAT Festival (2007-2015).

As a performer Billy Roisz often plays solo, but she also loves to play with her current ongoing projects TWIXT with dieb13, cilantro with Angélica Castelló, The Elks with Kai Fagaschinski, Liz Albee and Marta Zapparoli.

She collaborates also with Toshimaru Nakamura (AVVA), JD Zazie, Radian, Ilpo Väisänen (ONA), Silvia Fässler (SKYLLA), DD Kern, Anat Stainberg, Michaela Grill, Matija Schellander, Maja Osojnik, Mario de Vega, Susanna Gartmayr, Guro S. Moe, Jerome Noetinger … and many more.