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Anne Wellmer is a composer, performer, sound and media artist based in The Hague. Wellmer uses field recordings, live sound processing and electronically generated sound in her work, which shifts between tape music, improvisation, installation and performance. Feedback, electromagnetic disturbances and barely audible acoustic phenomena make out essential aspects of her work.

She teaches experimental music within the generative arts at universität der künste in Berlin and is a member of the society for nontrivial pursuits.

She is founding member of the nomadic collective New Emergences which promotes diversity in electronic music and sound art through talks, concerts, podcasts and artistic productions.

About the sonic portraits:

The set-up is very simple :
A small group of people positions themselves at a location of their choice, in a room or hallway, or any other architectural environment. One participant sits quietly with binaural microphones in their ears, listening to the location, to the soundscape.

All other participants on location contribute to the soundscape that this one listener experiences. Anything goes: making sounds with objects in the space or with objects and instruments brought to this sonic intervention, using the voice, texts or words in ANY language. The “performers” play with the acoustics of the space, with the resonances, and with the distance to the listener. They come close and move far away. The listener experiences a sonic massage, and makes a binaural recording at the same time. Each sound composition created in this way can later be experienced by other listeners through headphones, as if they themselves had been that original first listener.