live score / re-montage
— 12 SEPT. / 21:00

Video Still – The Fortune You Seek Is In Another Cookie

In his documentary-essay-film The fortune you seek is in another cookie (81Min), which premiered in 2014 in Competition at the renowned film festival CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, the Viennese director Johannes Gierlinger deals with resistance – whether political or in oneself – , in connection to the ever-elusive sensation of happiness. On the one hand, he investigates the dynamics of collectives and protest movements, on the other hand, he observes the need for solitude or seclusion. A search that turns out to be not only personal but also a poetic-political practise.

For 2020/21 an updated new version of this Film is to be worked out, which will be published in cooperation with the musicians Peter Kutin (El), Lukas König (Drums, Percussions, El.), Karolina Preuschl (Synth. Voice) and David Schweighart (Percussion).

Peter Kutin (Electronics, field-recordings, Composition), works with sound across genres. He creates interdisciplinary works inspired by elements of contemporary & electronic music, avantgarde film and sculpture. His works have been shown internationally at various festivals and have received several a-wards. Kutin has worked with numerous artists from a wide range of fields. He lives as a freelance composer and artist in Vienna.


Lukas König (Vocals, Drums, Electronics), exceptional drummer, born in 1988, has cooperated with numerous musicians* and has played on festival stages worldwide. His repertoire ranges from free-noise (Mopcut) to avant-jazz (Kompost3) and freak-pop (Koenig Leopold). In 2011 he was awarded the “Hans Koller Prize New York Scholarship”, BMUKK Startsti-pendium 2014, Bremer Jazzpreis 2014, Bawag P.S.K. Next Generation Award 2014, Klangforum Wien premiered Koenig’s composition “Stereogram1” in 2018 at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Karolina Preuschl (Vocals, Modular Synth, Autoharp), became known to a wider audience through her cooperation as MC Rhine with koenigleopold. Currently, under the alter-ego Coco Béchamel, she deals with electronic hardware and her own voice. She is a member of formations such as WienDiesel, Der Husband, SnakeBoots and has collaborated with numerous musicians* from the field of improvised electronic music.


Isabella Forciniti is a Vienna based sound artist from Italy. Her work maneuvers within tensions evoked by the substantial aspects of sound and improvised music. Her intention is to explore deliberate states of sounds through examining relationships among interwoven sound surroundings, informal practice as well as their intrinsic abilities. Her work thrives to release streams of thoughts at the margins of the unknown.