Sonic Nomadism in the City

lecture (canceled!)
— 14 SEPT. / 18:00 / FB EVENT

Based on the pioneering experience of Transcultures, an interdisciplinary centre for digital and sound cultures and the international festival of sound arts City Sonic which he both initiated in Belgium as well as the contemporary arts network of the European Pepinieres of Creation which he runs, Philippe Franck analyses some recent contextual nomadic creative practices (in particular from the notion of itinerary) with sound and digital as a dynamic link between (non)places, (de-re)territorializations, (micro)communities and (in)disciplines. He traces the main features of a form of transcultural ‘in situationism’, an art of connected drift, engaged in its intimate singularity and a certain poetic (re)enchantment of the various topos/logos/techne links, unlike the dominant hyper-spectacular models.

Art historian, designer and cultural critic, producer, sound and media creator, Philippe Franck is director of Transcultures. He is the founder and artistic director of the international festival of sound arts City Sonic (since 2005) and of the Transnumériques , biennial of digital cultures (since 2005) in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

He has been artistic curator of many other contemporary sound/multimedia/interdisciplinary exhibitions, events and festivals in Belgium, France and abroad. He is the coordinator of the European Nurseries for Young Artists in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. He also teaches image analysis, media and multimedia theory at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc (Brussels), sound creation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and at Arts2 ( Mons).

He’s been also writing about contemporary/ sound/ media/ interdisciplinary arts in various Belgian, French and Canadian magazines & publications. Since 2018, he is also the director of the European Pepinieres of Creation international network. He also teaches on digital arts and sound arts in Belgian art schools.As a sound and intermedia artist, he has developed, since the early 90s, the Paradise Now project working with many international choreographers, video/multimedia artists, poets and other sound artists. His artistic work has been shown in many international festivals, events and art centers.


In partnership with European Pepinieres of Creation and Transcultures.