The Island – AV live performance
— 17 SEPT / 21:00

Photo: Quentin Chevrier

The audiovisual concert ‘The Island’ is the most recent collaboration between composer Franck Vigroux and video artist Kurt d’Haeseleer. A prolix duo who endeavor to find common modes of artistic language and try to invent synesthetic experiences with an identity of their own. ’The Island’ is a sensorial, associative and electrifying experience, inspired by a number of stories of islands and valleys destined to be submerged by the construction of a hydroelectric dam, causing deep human and geographic upheaval. The immersions of Naussac in Lozère (a village engulfed in 1980), the novel “farewell, little island” by Valentin Raspoutine, or the 3 Gorges dam in China ( which is so big it influenced the speed of rotation of Planet Earth) spring to mind. ’The Island’ questions the replacement of one world by another and our blind belief in progress. A phantasmagorical universe unfolds through incisive electronic music and reality-bending video images, resulting in a “mental journey” through a topography of mutating places.

French musician/composer Franck Vigroux is a multifaceted artist whose works range from electroacoustic and experimental electronic music to modern composition, improvisation, radio works, avant rock, and beyond.
Primarily known as a guitar player, he also manipulates electronics and turntables, and has composed works for
contemporary classical ensembles. He is equally prolific as a solo artist and as a collaborator, and has worked with Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Mika Vainio, Reinhold Friedl (Zeitkratzer), and numerous others. Franck Vigroux ‘s music is made of tectonic tensions, beats, electronic textures and a very personal approach to sonic exploration. Vigroux’s uniqueness comes from his artistic approach that integrates new media and performing arts.
He designs transdisciplinary shows and audiovisual concerts, collaborating with visual artists such as Antoine Schmitt and Kurt d’Haeseleer. Vigroux’s records have been published on such as DAC Records, Leaf, Cosmo Rhythmatic, Monotype, Radio France, Erototox, Aesthetical.

Kurt d ‘Haeseleer is the artistic director of the WERKTANK, factory for new and old media art. The Werktank is a production platform for media art. Its main mission is the production and distribution of installation art that explores the relationship between technology and perception.
D’Haeseleer himself produced several videos and (interactive) video installations, such as “Scripted Emotions’, ‘Fossilization’ and ‘S CKMYP’, that could be seen at international festivals and exhibitions in Rotterdam, Tokyo, Montreal, Paris, Berlin. He also works regularly as a videodesigner for theatre, dance and opera, and also makes his
own audiovisual performances. He worked amongst others with Guy Cassiers, Music Lod, Georges Aperghis, Transparent, Isabella Soupart, Jon Hassell, Franck Vigroux, Ictus, Ief Spincemaille, Peter Verhelst, Köhn.

D’ Haeseleer’s work focuses on the visualisation of the dynamic of information. He translates the all-encompassing presence of media into meta-images. Media presence is symbolized through layers of sticky pixel-textures, noise and interactivity. Special effects play an important role in his work that can best be described as a ‘pixel drama’ or ‘pixel soap’ and which can be found in the border zone between painting, video clips, cinema and performance. In his work the special effect is the message.

This performance is supported through Teatroskop Touring & Capacity Building Grants 2021.