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— 13 SEPT – 19 SEPT / 16:00-21:00 / FB EVENT

German cultural centers in Romania and the Republic of Moldova have joined forces in order to support local artists and give them the opportunity to connect digitally with artists from Germany in a difficult time for the cultural sector. Thus was born in 2020 the project CoLaboratory 2.0 – a series of digital artistic residencies, which would bring art and artists together at a time when it was impossible to travel.

Following the success of the first edition, CoLaboratory 2.0, the second episode of the digital residency CoLaboratory was developed, which took place during August 2021. For the second year in a row, a series of Romanian, Moldavian and German artists joined forces, in pairs of two, and have collaborated for a month in order to create a work of art that combines two forms of artistic expression, this time animation and sound.

Within the interdisciplinary residency program CoLaboratory 2.0 , the organisers and partners of the project brought together 12 artists from three countries and invited them to closely analyse what the theme [together] entails, to reflect on the transformations of interpersonal relationships.

Social contacts – friends, partners and family life – represent for us, humans, a central central pillar of basic needs. The way in which we interact with others and the way in which we maintain our relations has suffered esential transformations. Social networks replace every time more and more our cercle of friends and the moments spent together convert every time in digital conversations; in the last months we have spent too little time(or sometimes too much) with people important to us. These ideas and interogations are reflected in the works created within the residence, that combine art with technology and which will be presented in the exhibition.

The artists who are part of CoLaboratory 2.0 at Simultan Festival:

Tandem Brașov:
Cristina Bodnărescu [RO] + Katharina Schmidt [DE]

Tandem Bucharest:
Chlorys (Mihaela Vasiliu) [RO] + Sohyun Lee [DE]

Tandem Cluj-Napoca:
Jozsef Iszlai [RO] + u-matic + telematique (Ute Härting and Sven Gareis) [DE]

Tandem Chisinau:
Aliona Ciobanu [MD] + Abel Korinsky [DE]

Tandem Sibiu:
Alexandra Coroi [RO] + Yotam Schlezinger [DE]

Tandem Timișoara:
Bürger (Eugen Neacșu) [RO] + Ji Hyun Yoon [DE]

Distances throughout time

This short visual essay is an introspection of time as a powerful influential factor that drives the distance in every kind of relationship. It is perhaps the most common characteristic an observer might look at while analyzing the different interconnections between any number of things. Time defines our perceptions and also the distances we put ourselves in relation to different aspects of our daily lives. Extraordinary events happen throughout our development and distance is a method of control and balance of their influence upon us. The visual side of the film has been created with digital generative techniques such as “reaction-diffusion”, a method in which every next-frame is calculated and layered on the previous frame, a progression that allows the artwork to evolve through time. The sound focuses on unheard sounds – the hidden shadow sounds. Sound materials are very fragile, sensible, unstable and uncontrollable. These sounds can be obtained from the soundboard of grand piano playing unusual performance techniques – playing on the string, tuning pins, rims and so on. It produces very unusual fragile sounds of piano – micro-tones, percussive sounds, resonance, very quiet noises that we don’t usually notice. These fragile, shadow sounds contain the potentials for the development in themselves and also represent the hidden dark sides of ourselves and society which could be often ignored by us.

CoLaboratory 2.0 is a project initiated by German cultural organizations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: German Cultural Center in Brasov, Goethe-institute in Bucharest, Goethe Zentrum in Chisinau, German Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca, German Cultural Center Sibiu and German Cultural Center in Timisoara.

In partnership with Amural, RADAR New Media Art, Clujotronic, Artcor and SIMULTAN Festival.