— 09 NOV / 20H

Photo Amalia Dulhan

Within the sonic construct of Syntax, Laurian Bardoș draws strong influence from his study in medical psychology. From this perspective, the evolution of his music has been greatly influenced by the study of perception and the Gestalt theory, which connects the spatial (geometric) form with the temporal form (sound). Conceptually, further inspiration is drawn from studying the synesthetic aspects of perception, including: a preoccupation with finding a multidimensional artistic language, trans-visual non-alphabetic languages and methods of decoding-transcoding beyond the limitations of natural language.

In the musical context, it was in 2007 when Bardoș first started working with sounds and those generated by various computer signal errors, while trying to articulate them in compositions based on sculptural algorithms. This period of experimentation marked the transition towards his todays expression via electronic music.