08 NOV / 21H

Micleușanu Mitoș is an interdisciplinary artist whose fields of reference include the avant-garde, the underground school of thought and the marginal arts.
His current work explores the intersection of modular and granular sound synthesis as a zone of interference between ambient, post-industrial and electroacoustic genres, and it’s signed under the names Micleusanu M. or CPU99. Most of his musical explorations are based on a mixture of field recordings and various altered sounds generated with the help of different preparations.

“One of my main concerns is probing a sound-induced “substratum”, a generator of states and perceptions. I start by viewing the production of sound like a modeling paste. On one hand, the sound facilitates a  sensory “induction” and the connection to a fluctuating, archaic substratum, with which we have an increasingly shallow depth contact.
These readily inert dynamics that transform us into a kind of paranoid-schizoid “bio-mechanisms” help us raise questions of freedom and ethics, because the chaotic substratum we come from, paradoxically, seems increasingly disturbing or threatening. Paranoid reactions to this substratum reveal a rupture, and this leads to a progressive cyberization of perceptions. In other words, this may also explain the increasingly deficient or dysfunctional relations we tend to have with the natural environment, and the consumerist pragmatism that increasingly marginalizes the magical, mystical or archetypal sphere.”