10 NOV / 18H


Alessandro Massobrio in his talk he will browse through All Sources Are Broken, a web based application developed by the duo as a creative coding experiment about books, hyperlinks obsolescence, reading strategies, which considers how hypertext and print already coexist (as opposed to one superseding the other), through a navigable archive of collected reference material that visitors can both navigate and shape themselves. He will look into offline networking models and explore the deferred space that emerges in-between text and hypertext, offline and online.

Alessandro Massobrio is a composer, sound artist, and developer. He studied theoretical philosophy and hermeneutics in Turin, and marine bioacoustics at C.I.B.R.A. – the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioacoustics and Environmental Research of the University of Pavia. Additionally he was a master class student of Mark Andre and Detlef Heusinger at the Experimentalstudio des SWR Freiburg, with Pierluigi Billone at the Dipartimento Fieri-Aglaia at the University of Palermo, and in Warsaw, with Claus Steffen-Mahnkopf and Uroš Rojko, as a stipendiat of the Experimentalstudio.
From 2015 he is one/half – along with the artist Valentina Besegher – of the Berlin-based project space Labor Neunzehn, an artist and curator duo engaged in a multidisciplinary discourse that involves expanded cinema, music notation, publishing, and critical reflection in time-based media art, with a specific reference to the migration of these languages between the online and the offline domain.