8—10 NOV. 2019, Timișoara RO
Corneliu Mikloși Museum


The world as we know it will soon cease to exist. Although science and technology fuel change at a remarkably fast pace, it often goes unnoticed, since the deepest structural changes happen imperceptibly and morphs quickly into norms. We have entered a period of incredible instability, and many of our certainties and assumptions are systematically blown away. Every day our predictions and expectations are transposed.

In 2019, SIMULTAN festival carries the theme There will be a time when it will not be, which aims to question technology’s influence on the different aspects of individual and social life, to explore speculative situations, and to disturb the standardized image of the future as a cult of infinite progress and development. The festival delves into the realms of personal, political, social, philosophical and existential aspects of our day and age, by pointing out the various ways in which the artists respond to and how they record those changes, and how they imagine the future.

SIMULTAN 2019 proposes alternative narratives and confluence approaches by aiming at creating a general status, which brings local identity into a wider context, providing new opportunities for artists that wish to experiment with different media or interdisciplinary methods.

The festival’s perspective has shifted over the years – going from challenging our audiovisual comprehension experience to exploring the human-machine interactions and experimenting with various tools and technologies to question their social implications and overall impact on our daily lives.

SIMULTAN festival approaches new aesthetics and showcases video art and live events whose main themes include: stylistic eclecticism, the relationship between humans and machine, recycle-environmental themes, dry lyricism, acoustic and electronic instrumental fusion, expanded cinema, jovial live sound collages, and the reflection on the political valences of sonic practice.


Artistic Director – Levente Kozma
Production Manager – Alin Rotariu
Video program Coordinator – Florin Fâra
Press/PR – Sarah Bălăceanu El-Amine
Logistic – Raluca Rotariu, Cristina Băldău
Tehnical Manager – Lucian Pană
Tehnical Asistent – Radu Sârbulescu
Identity/design – Levente Kozma, Fabian Minescu
Editor web – Botond Vajna
Finance – Mara Olteanu
Volunteer Coordinator – Maia Vieru

Guide and Moderator – Ștefan Tiron
Jury, video program – Huba Antal, Alex Boca, Vlad Cadar, Florin Fâra, Sergiu Sas

Video documentation – Huba Antal, Ovidiu Novac
Photo documentation – Petru Cojocaru, Alex Boca


simultan [AT]