sound installation by Sillyconductor
 08 NOV  10 NOV | Corneliu Miklosi Museum

An installation that translates various ambient sounds into Morse Code and Morse Code into letters/words, all in real-time. Regardless if it picks up the steps of the visitors through the gallery, the sound of moving vehicles, voices, other nearby audio installations,  frequencies well beyond the human hearing range, basically any sound source will be sublimated into a string of letters, as a kind of endless poetry of space, in which  the cadence of sounds and the software area are the only sources that can continue the endless row of letters.
Somewhere between hauntology and radio amateurism, this installation can handle any kind of quantitative input and any level of sound (more sound sources create more extensive haikus) they can clearly encourage passers-by to have a personal input. It is impossible to anticipate the end of the sentence but there is a chance for that event to happen unexpectedly. The end is distinctly marked by a question mark. It’s a new language, a rough translation of the ever-present ambient noise, which has a minimalist alphabet. Meanwhile, at the top of the waveform screen, the viewers can see how the language situations are generated. As a performative adage, the text can be read by an actor in a real-time theater performance.