09 NOV / 19H

Since the early ‘80s,  Alain Wergifosse explores the extreme sides of sound and silence and all there is in between.  He amplifies all sort of objects, radios, motors, rubber bands, voices, birds, springs, metallic plates, toys, stones, sand, walls, light, oceans, frozen lakes, the wind, chemical reactions and even normal musical instruments to improvise deep textures of organic audible matter thru modulated feedback and realtime sound treatment, always seeking to captivate the ears.
Long-time based in Barcelona where he played in bands like Obmuz, sPecOp, and Macromassa. He took part in many collaborations and collective projects and traveled all around the world. During 10 years he composed interactive music and sounds for Marcel.lí Antúnez (ex Fura dels Baus) in many productions of extended theater, mechatronic and multimedia shows.
In 2007 he moved back to Belgium where he has evolved towards a more visual type of work, creating immersive installations, experimental videos and exploring microscopic landscapes.