friday 07 oct. from 11h - 18h / Galeria Pygmalion, Casa Artelor
saturday 08 oct. from 11h - 18h / Galeria Pygmalion, Casa Artelor

SOUND MATHEMATICS - Interactive sound installation
by yvat collective

Music: yvat
Concept/design: iulia popa
Software Assistance: adrian tabacaru

Simple rules of basic mathematics are commune language and build bridges between different individuals. If there are no other similarities between us, then the sound of music and mathematics will demonstrate that all of us are the same. We understand our world in a similar manner and our behaviour results from the use of the same logical algorithms.
This is a highly interactive concept as it looks as a shifting puzzle that puts the audience in front of a sound problem to be solved. The audience is invited to use the mathematical rules and algorithms to create their own music. Once the 8 pieces are placed in the right position, in a numeric series from 1 to 8, following the intuitive visual indications, a sound is generated. When the entire puzzle is solved, the entire musical track can be heard. It has an unique design and it easily can be seen as an art object.
Previously, the installation has been exhibited at the BAM—the Museum of contemporary Art from Mons, Belgium, within this year edition of City Sonic Festival and in St. Louis Cathedral (Chartage).

[watch the video trailer]

saturday 08 oct. 14h / Casa Artelor

SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ / a presentation by Octav Avramescu

SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ is an initiation program in sound art, radio art and contemporary/ experimental/ improvised music through listening sessions, concerts, performances, workshops, conferences and artist presentations.
SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ is a place for experiments in listening, a passageway to another kind of structure, context, attitude, (com)position, history, curiosity, silence or concentration.
We want to open doors and not only to be right, to see how much we trust taste, but to remain unattached, to survey academism and return all the more credibly to experimentation, to contradict ourselves through enthusiasm and to provoke answers.
We want to imagine that one day there will be a new sound and music research lab, an experimental radio, a sound art class at some school, another stage for new music around here.

Coordinated by Anamaria Pravicencu and Octav Avramescu, SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ was created in March 2009 and until now has realized over 30 events.


saturday 08 oct. 15h / Casa Artelor

The Future of Sound / lecture by Miron Ghiu
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