Robert Piotrowicz [Pl]
He started play music in age of 12 years old, his first instrument was drums. Then few years latter he found guitar as a tool to have band, form this time he was trying to find his place in music. From early 90' he was leader of his own band called STUCKONCEILING, there he found his way of guitar playing and leading the bands. Around 96-98 he released couple of albums with his early fascination which turned around hard core, noise avantgarde metal. In this rock loud period he is founding improvisation as way to create music and thinking about this. Together with this Piotrowicz was researching electronics as topic for sound chalenge.

The breaking times for Piotrowicz music approach was 1999 when together with his band he finishing noise rock period and he turn himself into free improvisation. Together with Anna Zaradny - she joined STUCKOCELING around 98' - they both together strongly focused on experimental and improvised music.
In 2000 Piotrowicz played few concerts with well know improv figures as John Butcher and Tony Buck. In next year together with Anna Zaradny they found label and festival MUSICA GENERA. From 2002 all their art activities are strongly connected with record label, festival and events of improvised and experimental music in Poland. From this time he regularly play concerts all over Europe, including festivals and other events.
Activities of Musica Genera became one of most important phenomenon for experimental music in Poland.

Piotrowicz uses analog synthesizer to work on sonic research. He treats guitar as a sound source, to play he uses bow, metal, paper, engine etc. Electronics - beside their sound characteristic - are other way of expressions. Piotrowicz works with free impov contexts as well as working solo and on compositions. As improviser he works usually with Anna Zaradny and Burkhard Stangl with his most focused lineup (the trio released album "Can't Illumination"). By last years he collaborates often with: Tony Buck, John Butcher, Xavier Charles, Kevin Drumm, Jerome Noetinger etc. Occasionally he collaborated with Otomo Yoshihide, ErikM, Martin Siewert, Dieb 13, Werner Dafeldecker, Lionel Marchetti, Nikos Veliotis and many others.

Piotrowicz released some solo production (2 albums and one single cd) and he dedicates lots of attention for aesthetic of his musical status. Composed works of him touch noise music aspect as well as electroacoustic music tradition.
Together with pure audio work he collaborates with visual artists. His most important work includes collaboration with great film maker and musician Martin Klapper. He worked for the radio and theatres. Together with Anna Zaradny composed music for films.

Piotrowicz participates in international festivals (Audio Art Festiwal, Jazz en Gatineite, Alt F4, The Strings of Difference Athens, SKIFF, Muzyka z Mózgu, In Beetwen Chicago, Jazz in E., Copenhagen Jazz Festiwal, Art Rhytmic Depot).
He played in all over Europe (France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Czech, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia) and USA.


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