Photo by Yves Schiepek

Manami N [Jp/De]
born in Niigata, Japan
Graduated Niigata University (Faculty of Education)

After University she worked for a company in Niigata but soon she got a new position and moved to Tokyo.
Moving to Tokyo changed her life. Getting in the huge creative input of this megacity she started her career as a musician.
During the 90s when she still was working as an office lady, she trained her voice by Kumiko Hara (1955-2005) and joined several bands as main vocalist or chorus singer.
At the end of the 90s she started to make music with the computer.
Since then she composes, writes lyrics and performs as a solo artist and as a member of the band "kamomellia"
IN 2004 and 2005 she released Cds from Indie labels in Europe.
one year later she quitt her office job and moved to Berlin.

Manami N's music is difficult to describe in terms of genre.
Somehow her field is in between pop and experiment and she uses music to express very personal feelings and telling stories.
Her laptop is a tool for her to have access to various instruments and sound effects and her voice has a particular and unique sound.
For instance in her latest piece "When I was little" a 20 minute composition she structures the story of her childhood in 4 chapters, using melodic elements, noise and even Budhist sutras to merge to a very exciting journey through time and memory.


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