Tonino Casula & Roberto Zanata [it] - Prima o poi, l'alba, 5:59, 2008

The video is the result of a job of four hands. It has been born from the collaboration between the video-painter Tonino Casula and the composer Roberto Zanata. The music is basically based on a process of granular synthesis. The video (the "cortronico" - short electronic movie) was realized and animated with Max 3D, starting from the music with the attempt-intention to animate and synchronize, without falling in a simple and didactic comment, sound and images.

Tonino Casula - born in Seulo (IT) - painter and writer. Member of the Transactional Groups, he participated at several national and international exhibitions. In 1977, he published "Impara l'arte" and in 1981 " Tra vederer e non vedere". In 1986, he held a seminar in visual didactics at the Universita Cattolica in Milan. In 1988 he painted a large mural in Cagliari: it was called by the councilor in person "a miracle". He participated to the Festival of Electronic Art in Camerino (IT) and in the last 20 years he mainly worked with and painted computer graphics.

Roberto Zanata - born in Cagliari (IT) - where he studied composition, electronic music and graduated magna cum laude in philosophy. He continued his musical studies in Germany (Intrnational Ferienkurse - Darmstadt), Hungary (International Batok Seminar - Szombathely) and he attended several musical seminars around Europe. He wrote chamber music, music for theatre, electro-acoustic , acousmatic, art installation, performed in national and international music festivals. He also realized a lot of video works. He is member of the SIE (Italian Society of Estetics).


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