'amusia ' interactive sound installation ::
& Adrian Tabacaru - live performance

Conceptual basis of this installation is found in surrealistic statement that reversal or alteration of common order of things transforms the entire environment and makes us discover new meanings, juxtapositions of senses and ideas. Modern society is constructed in a mechanist manner and thus is highly depending on rigors and shapes of the Newtonian Physics. How would any one react in front of a denial of the low of gravitation itself, as the ruling principle of our world? How people living in a noisy world, full of edges, abrupt shapes and colourful would react in front of the stillness? This installation intends to intrigue its audience. Viewers will be put in front of an evident altered visual impression on the environment and, in the same time, they will be challenged to choose how the atmosphere around them will develop, by making them interact directly with the installation and by provoking them to generate their own audible environment.

The idea was inspired by one of the early paintings of Rene Magritte: "The Voice of Space" (1928), which questioned the gravitation by representing the impressive stillness of spherical objects projected on a clear blue sky. These spheres often occurred then in Magritte's paintings, as a personal motif, and their conceptual meaning became even more complex. Sphere is the perfect shape and the perfect metaphor. It has an inner musicality and it is self- sufficient; it contains everything and nothing in the same time; a sphere is emptied of any particular sense, but in the same time contains them all. This was enriched by inspiring as well from Tom Gutt's metal objects based on the same spheres...And this installation intends to intrigue its audience as well, by using apparently known shapes and materials, even objects from the domestic universe and urban architecture.

Thus, we created a system of 7 metal and polymerized plastic/carbonic structure spheres , totalizing a surface with a length of almost 3 meters. The installation proposes a minimal environment in terms of space and colours. As in Magritte painting, the two hemispheres of each sphere are detached and in the empty median space, thus created, people are invited to insert and move gently their hands. These movements make sensors responsive to light to react and to generate sounds. Three people can interact in the same time with the 7 spheres, creating together melodic or noisy sounds, collaboration between them being another challenge of this installation. Noises and music generated by this particular space and its transient inhabitants are audible for the ones interacting with the sphere, only, by headphones. This gives the title of the installation: Amusia, which is the inability to recognize musical tones and rhythms or to reproduce them, or, roughly saying, it is the lack of music.

Co-Production : yvat collective/City Sonics
Project co-coordinator/concept&design: Iulia Popa
Music and sound system: yvat
IT support: Adrian Tabacaru

'amusia' was exhibited at City Sonics - sound art festival, Mons, Be

© 2008, Simultan Association