Chained Freedom-120505, 5'08, 2005

The sound and video of this film are produced live by moving objects within a box, by using magnets. This multimedia sculpture for live performance is called the Blue Sonochrome3
This audio-visual instrumental puts in scene characters and dream-like backgrounds. A setup of microphones makes it possible to process the sound of the movement of the objects. Blue Sonochrome3 is a universe, which waits to be animated. It is a generating instrument of video sequences and electro-acoustic sounds. Its multi-media pallet develops around tactile, mechanical, electronic, photosensitive, luminous and sound tools.
Chained Freedom-120505 talks about a fish which is trapped in the middle of two boats attacking each other.

*LLND, is born of the meeting in 2003 of two new media artists, specialists in sound and visual environments. *Laurent Lettrée, born in 1977, lives 7 years in the USA and follows his studies at the university of Charleston. Explorer of the sound and his multiple frequencies and rhythmic variations, he composes by using analogical and digital machines and objects which he diverts and transforms into instruments. *Nathalie Delpech, born in 1972, diploma of cinema/video at the ENSAD in Paris. Her video animations and her graphic art are often perceived as a poetic meeting of the psychedelism and the surrealism.


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