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  YVAT & CUT(Alexe Popescu & Paul Dersidan) [RO]

Yvat is one of the producers of the Swedish sampling label PowerFx. 17 of his projects have been produced in the last years by different experimental music labels from the UK, Belgium, Germany and Israel. The geometry of yvat's music rebuilds the atmosphere of urban living, by exclusively using analogical sound, through dissonances, distortions, frequencies at the borderline of the perceptible, all these being mixed with classical melodic lines.
The video project „CUT- raw videos”- Alexe Popescu, art designer and Paul Dersidan, visual artist - shows a new perspective on the elements of the surrounding world. The videos are not processed by a computer; they dislocate fragments of real space, as they were recorded by the video camera, and recombine them in a space assimilated to the digital without altering the natural image.
The artists prefer – for the construction of the image as well as for the sound – the hardware devices, dismissing software and computer processing.

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Mark Schreiber is an artist who often works with sound for investigations into spatial contexts. His installation "Light’s Thread" (2006) was exhibited at the National Museum of Kosovo. Collaborations include Brandon LaBelle (fa projects gallery, 2006) and Dan Perjovschi, producing a soundtrack for the "My World" (2006) screening at a Royal College of Art "Again for Tomorrow" exhibition event. Schreiber has participated in a variety of projects such as live performance, public installation, catalogue texts for the "Six Sites for Sound" exhibition (2005) and curating music at the Whitechapel Gallery, London. He graduated from Middlesex University in London with a BA Sonic Art and is currently completing his MFA at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.

Axel Stockburger is an artist and theorist who lives and works in London and Vienna. He studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with Peter Weibel and holds a PhD from the University of the Arts, London.
His films and installations are shown internationally.
Among other projects he has initiated the independent art television channel TIV in Vienna in 1998 and collaborated on international projects with the London based media art group D-Fuse (2000-2004).
At present, he works as scientific staff member at the Department for Visual Arts and Digital Media / Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

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Founded in 2004, the band intends to create audio experience using consistently experimental, un-classified noises. The two members, Péter Szabó and Csaba Csiki are visual artists as well. Their approach is basically an analytical one, creating electro-acoustic soundscapes, exploiting cracks, glitches and vibrations of sound. They use the old and new technologies at the same time: Csaba is working on a laptop, combining software, Peter is using amplified objects, and guitar-pedals and other low-tech electronics.


Barnabas Vetro - For me, the performance is the most pure and ancient but at the same time contemporary communication form, which brings and keeps connected many ways of self expression languages. It offers freedom in art for us, both for creators and viewers.
Where we perform, there will be the center of the world...
I'm 30. I've studied graphics. Everybody in my family was or is an artist... As visual artist I take part in different contemporary art events and I collaborate with different artists who make music.

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...i worked the last time on a remix of the gameboy music club, it is a long piece, its called "Odakus Death" it is about the computer gambler from korea that was last year 50 hours online and died!
I dedicated this musicpiece to him.

Lyrics to ‚Odakus Death‘
I love my pokemon / They are fucking all night long / I love my pokemon
I wanna be / A pokemon / I wanna be / A pokemon
I want to / Fuck all night long / I wanna be / a pokemon / I wanna be
a pokemon
I love my pokemon / They are fucking all night long


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The Makunouchi Bento, or traditional japanese lunchbox, is a highly lacquered wooden box divided into quadrants, each of which contains different delicacies. It is also one of the most familiar images of Japan's domestic environment. Reading the box as both an object and a metaphor, Felix Petrescu (Waka X) and Valentin Toma (Qewza) founded this experimental / electronica project back in 2001.
At the time, Felix was a member of Urban Experience - one of the pioneers of the underground electronica scene in Timisoara (Romania) focused mainly on dance music, and Valentin had his solo project. The first Makunouchi Bento album, Himette, was finished in no time, being a collection of new tracks, but also old unreleased works of Urban Experience and Qewza.


Selfmademusic is an electro-acoustic musical project by Salajan Mihai. Considering how vast and prolific today’s musical scene is, I believe that as long as the individual is intact and aware of his/her personality, he/she can create the medium, the music, the image and everything he/she wishes for just the way he/she wants.
I like to visually imagine the music that I make and I believe anybody likes to do this; everybody dreams and invents imaginary scenarios and many try to make them come true, one way or another.
This is what I do too. That’s it.

Skillyboy, After the year 2000, I started to make visuals in different clubs, mostly on dnb and breakbeat music, for local and foreign DJs. Later on, I was part of some audio-visual projects together with artists who create experimental electronic music. With these projects, I took part in some events around the country.
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My pieces do not have a concept. That is the concept.
The concept develops in the head of the listener. I get the feedback, and the feedback influences my music and like I see it.
I compose not only for instruments, but for things.
The sound of the things is interesting. Not only the natural sound, but also the processed sound. The sources of sound are not necessarily special, but the sound, which results from the arrangement.
Each piece is different. Every time.
It is affected by the atmosphere, which is created the area and the public. The piece mostly consists of article + computer program + space + public.

I want to show the listener nonsense. Interesting nonsense.

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I am working together with Claus Störmer as *IT* and we understand IT as an experimental sound collaboration. The main topic of our research in sound is to explore the objects (differs for natural/unnatural objects, depending on the complexity of an object and the meaning of an object).
We use field recordings to connect them to one independent acoustic
situation which characterizes concrete/ inconcrete states, depending on motion processing in the room.

Two central questions develop out of our work with sound:
How much information do we give to the listener (is he/she able to decode)?
How transparent is the sound?
Is it possible to develop to the listener a situation which is almost identical to our own one?
Control the perception of the listener.

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... attempts of interweaving the biological organic with the electronic one, the natural with the artificial, which strive together to give birth to a „sound” defined as a biological entity. That something which we are afraid of, but we have to face. An almost alchemical attempt to give birth to a „species”, a species which is to fill a cavity of a certain space, and which (perhaps) swallows the other existing entities, altering their perception and destroying the notion of „dimension”; magnetic fields, organically derived sounds, sounds of organic nature but synthetically derived; „organic mechanism”...

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photos: Szabolcs Veres, Botond Antal, George Radu
© 2006, Simultan Association