Doubting is the reaction to the process of remembering, a confrontation between possible, unrealized solutions. These reactions help us (provoke us to) make a stand against the current outlooks, so that we could be independent of the times and the environment that we live in.They help us interpret the type of divison suffered by our time. They allow us to break loose from the circularity and general preconceptions of gestures. So empowered, we can do anything- without the risk of erring, as every experiment aiming towards the future leaves an innovative mark on the present.
Past, present and the vision of the future can merge into a complex vision and a coherent way, which in the context of this project is called simultan.

The simultan project is the first edition of an international experimental video/sound festival, which will take place between 26-27th of May in Timisoara.

Simultan intended to offer a platform for the new generations of artists and young cultural producers. The project intends to implement the idea of interculturality, to establish a new cultural and artistic bond on the stage of Romanian art and between those of different countries. The event hopes to stimulate the creative ways of the most modern visions of perceiving and recording the cultural realities in contemporary art. The event aims to promote the activity of young artists and of those who belong to the contemporary movement.

This event is intended to be annual. This would give the opportunity of presenting the existing experimental intentions of audio-visual art, to identify their status in the current context and to link them to the new inovating elements.

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